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July 2014 - Feb 2016

The inspiration for this project came from my dear mother. My mom works from home, and when I came home after school when I was younger, I would sometimes find her on the sofa: dozing or half asleep. My mom is very good at saying yes, for which I am very thankful. She is also very good at saying no, although she doesn't always have to say it out loud. Coming home to find her dozing on the sofa was a no-moment, and I understood I should be quiet and leave her in peace.

My mom is very good at this, but perhaps not all mothers. Egg is a light that turns on slowly at certain moments in the day to remind mothers to take some time off. When it is picked up it starts to breathe - the light intensity increases and decreases. It is a reminder to take a breather.

When you take 5, a deep breath, a moment of silence or meditation, you calm down and often realise life is treating you well - even when you are tired and busy. That was my goal: remind mothers of the beauty of their everyday lives.



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